April / May

This time of year is exciting as we have so many new things coming into season, although painfully slow at the moment, things are held off by the inclement weather.

We do have the first of our English asparagus coming in though, widely available is the Heated Apsaragus from the New Forest but it can be tough so best wait for the local stuff from Barfoots (Pagham). The winter cabbages have now given way to the more delicate leafed Hispe and Spring Green, all local.

Chichester strawberries are coming through and an abundance of English berries blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are available from Yorkshire.

Nutbourne tomatoes are here as we all know, though delicious, in my opinion the trickle of Chichester/Cowley tomatoes are far superior. Less complex varieties but intense in flavour and aroma and with delicate skins. Local foraged seabeet, charlock, Minors lettuce, wild garlic and watercress are in abundance.

Day caught plaice seems nice and steady, sea trout is at its best and local crab in the last week is becoming available… though expensive.

Looking to Easter brings us spring lamb, but in my opinion for your Easter table, English pork (Jimmy Butler) would be better as spring lamb is very young and best left for a while to intensify its flavour.

All of these things you can find on our menu at The Blacksmiths as our menu changes with the seasons and the micro-seasons.

Mylo (Head Chef)