Terms and Conditions

Room Hire Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

“Blacksmiths” shall mean The Blacksmiths (Donnington) Limited (company no: 8706833) trading as The Blacksmiths
“The Premises” shall mean all or some of those rooms as set out in the Reservation Detail known as Barn Owl, Lapwing and Sky Lark (situated at The Blacksmiths, Donnington, Chichester,West Sussex PO20 7PR).
“Reservation Detail” shall mean the booking confirmation produced by The Blacksmiths/Welcome Anywhere (containing details of the Room, the Hire Period and the Total Charge etc) and sent to the Hirer which, together with these Terms and Conditions, shall constitute the contract between The Blacksmiths and the Hirer in relation to the hire of the Premises.
“The Room” shall mean the particular room(s) hired on the date(s) as specified in the Booking Confirmation.
“The Hirer/Your Details’’ shall mean the person or persons hiring the Premises as referred to in the Reservation Detail.
“Hire Period” shall mean the date(s) of hire of the Premises by the Hirer for the Room as set out in the  Reservation Detail (and at the times specified below).
“The Services” shall mean the provision by The Blacksmiths of the Premises for the Hirer’s use during the Hire Period and for the sole purpose of the Room specified in the Reservation Detail.including breakfast, DBB.  “The Total Charge” shall mean the total amount of monies specified in the Reservation Detail to be paid by the Hirer to The Blacksmiths for the hire of the Premises.

2. Interpretations

In these Terms and Conditions:
a) Words importing one gender shall be construed as importing any other gender.
b) Words importing the singular shall be construed as importing the plural and vice versa.
c) References to a person or persons include bodies corporate.
d) Headings do not form part of these Terms and Conditions and shall not be taken into account in their construction or interpretation.
e) Any reference to a specific statute includes any statutory extension or modification, amendment or re-enactment of that statute and any regulations or orders made under it and any general reference to a statute includes any regulations or orders made under that statute.

3. General Blacksmiths responsibilities

a) In consideration of the payment to The Blacksmiths by the Hirer of the Total Charge, The Blacksmiths shall provide the Services to the Hirer for the Hire Period.
b) The Blacksmiths shall maintain for the duration of the Hire Period, Public Liability Insurance and shall ensure that all its electrical appliances at the Premises are PAT (Portable Appliance Tested) and comply with Health & Safety rules.

4. General Blacksmiths Policy Conditions

a) The Hire Period shall mean from 12.00hrs to 10.00hrs the day immediately following the Room Hire period specified on the Reservation Detail (unless otherwise agreed in writing between The Blacksmiths and the Hirer).
b) The Hirer shall not sublet the Premises nor any part thereof, unless otherwise agreed in writing between The Blacksmiths and the Hirer. Further, the benefit and obligations of these arrangements (as set out in the Reservation Detail and these Terms & Conditions) is personal to the Hirer and shall not be assignable by him to others.
c) Access to the areas surrounding the Premises (save the access routes leading directly to and from the Premises) is strictly forbidden to the Hirer (and also to his agents, contractors and guests etc.) due to such areas being part of a working farm (The Blacksmiths maintaining 24/7 CCTV coverage of these areas).
d) The Blacksmiths reserves the right to terminate or to suspend forthwith (at its discretion) the hiring of the Rooms by the Hirer for the Hire Period (or for any part thereof) provided it believes that it has reasonable cause to do so.
g) Vehicles parked at the Premises are parked entirely at their owners’ risk.

5. Damage and Liability & Injury to Persons and Loss of Property

a) The Hirer shall take good care of and not cause (nor permit) any damage to be done to the Premises nor to any fittings, equipment or other property in the Premises and the Hirer shall make good and pay in full within 14 days of demand made by The Blacksmiths for any such damage caused by any act or neglect of the Hirer or anyone for whom the Hirer is responsible (including anyone permitted by the Hirer to enter the Premises).
b) The Blacksmiths will not be liable for the death of, or injury to any person attending at the Premises for or in connection with the Room Hire, nor for any losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs or expenses or other liability incurred by the Hirer, except where such death or injury is due to the negligence of The Blacksmiths.
c) The Blacksmiths shall not under any circumstances accept responsibility for nor liability in respect of damage to or loss of any goods, articles, or property (including vehicles) of any kind brought into or left at the Premises by the Hirer and/or or by any of his guests and/or his agents or contractors.
d) The Hirer shall indemnify The Blacksmiths against all such liabilities as are mentioned above (save where the death or injury is due to the negligence of The Blacksmiths).
e) The Hirer shall not cause (and shall not permit others to cause ) any bolts, nails, tacks, pins, screws or other like objects to be driven into or affixed to any part of the Premises, nor any use of an adhesive substance (eg: glue or sellotape) anywhere upon the walls or other parts of the Premises.
f) The making of decorations, flower arrangements, signs etc is not permitted upon the Premises.
g) The use of Chinese lanterns is not permitted.
h) No part of the Premises is to be used for any purpose other than that specified in the Reservation Detail nor for any unlawful purpose.
i) The maximum number of persons admitted to the Premises during the Hire Period for the purpose of the Event shall not exceed that set out in the Reservation Detail.

6. Further Exclusions of Liability and Right of Entry

a) The Blacksmiths shall not be liable for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of supply of electricity, leakage of water, fire, government restriction and/or Act of God which may cause the Premises to be temporarily closed or the hire of the Premises to be interrupted or cancelled.
b) The Blacksmiths reserves the right for its duly authorised representatives to enter the Premises at any time during the Hire Period.

7. Payment, Amendments and Cancellation Conditions

a) If the Hirer wishes to confirm the booking (thereby becoming contractually bound to the Blacksmiths), The Blacksmiths must receive (i)the total charge at the time of booking, (ii) the details needed by The Blacksmiths of the Hirer. If these are not received by The Blacksmiths, it shall be entitled to cancel forthwith the booking and will have no further obligation or liability to the Hirer in respect of the booking and/or its cancellation. Once this information has been received, The Blacksmiths will email Reservation Details to the Hirer with a copy of these terms and conditions. It is the Hirers responsibility to immediately notify The Blacksmiths of any problem with these terms and conditions. If no notification is made to The Blacksmiths by the Hirer, the Hirer is deemed to have agreed to all terms set out.
b) The Total Charge is non-refundable if the hiring of the Premises is cancelled by the Hirer less than 7 full days in advance of the Hire Period.
c) The Total Charge fee will be subject to VAT at the rate pertaining at the relevant time.
d) Additional purchases made at the Blacksmiths must be settled at point of sale.

8. Amenities

a) All Rooms provide en-suite accommodation (bath and/or separate shower), linen, towels and hair dryer. Communal tea and coffee making facilities.

9. Guests

a) Guests’ behaviour and wellbeing are the responsibility of the Hirer throughout the Hire Period.
b) Strictly “No Smoking” is allowed inside the Premises but smoking is allowed within the designated smoking area.
c) Children are welcome at the Premises, but the Hirer must ensure that they are suitably supervised at all times during the Hire Period by their parent(s) and/ or by others as appropriate.

d) Well behaved dogs are welcome to stay at The Blacksmiths, provided prior notice has been given by the Hirer. Dogs are strictly not allowed on any of the beds, chairs, any linen or blankets provided by the blacksmiths. Other animals may be allowed under certain circumstances but authorisation must be given by The Blacksmiths in writing.
e) The Blacksmiths is entitles to refuse to serve alcohol to any person who, in the reasonable opinion of The Blacksmiths staff, is or is deemed to be (i) under the age of 18 and who is unable to produce immediately formal photograph ID confirming that he/she is 18 or over and/or (ii) unfit to consume any further alcohol.
f) All alcoholic drinks will cease to be served at 23.00.
g) Vehicles parked at the Premises are parked entirely at their owners’ risk and if left overnight.
h) In the event of a fire or other emergency at the Premises, guests must leave immediately by the nearest fire exit and gather by the Assembly point by the boat in the main car park area. The Hirer (or their nominated Responsible Person) is responsible for accounting for all guests once they have vacated the Premises.

10. Complaints

a) Any complaint arising out of the hire of the Premises must be made in writing by the Hirer and received by The Blacksmiths within seven days after the expiry of the Hire Period.

11. Changes to these Terms & Conditions

a) The Blacksmiths reserves the right to make changes to these Terms & Conditions (as reasonably necessary and to meet its legitimate business needs) before or after the Hirer has confirmed his booking of the Premises for the Hire Period.
b) The Blacksmiths will promptly notify the Hirer of any such changes.